Our Policies

The main Policies of SAPTA Company are based on:
1. Planning for enhancement of customer satisfaction through continues improvement in Quality of Services
2. Trying to Achieve, use and transfer of new knowledge and technologies to achieve required expertise for relevant activities of the Company
3. Promotion of qualitative and quantitative performance in design and engineering, supply, manufacturing and implementation, financing and management of projects and Programs
4. Investment in Some different Industrial plants and BOT Projects
5. Attempting to make optimum use of domestic products and Transfer of Technology from Industrial Countries
6. Provision of appropriate basis for regular recruitment of engineers in Iran industry to make the country Self-Sufficient from services offered by foreign experts in this field
7. Looking for new industrial markets according to managerial and technical Experiences
8. Effective presence in some industrial markets like; High voltage substations and transmission lines, power plants, water and waste water, oil and gas and petrochemical, urban railways, railroads, control and automation, telecommunication and SCADA
9. Planning for innovation and creativity in Engineering and Construction
10. Improvement in export of industrial services to Middle East, Latin America, GCC, Africa and CIS countries
11. Planning to allocate incomes to activities for the social and public interests according to decision of the founders of the company.